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Friday, September 10, 2010

EveryGame version 1.30 is out!

Go check it out in the App store. Here are the update notes:

What's New in Version 1.30

Two new Eurogame inspired titles!
* Cities of Calvino
* Pirates vs. Ninjas

New Features in the UI:
* EveryGame can now open .zip and .ege files directly from Mail or Safari on the iPad -- no more need to sync in iTunes
* Tabs for off-screen boards can now be named and positioned in the game.xml file

New Features in the Engine
* New "random_side_at_location" action, allowing games with dice-locking to be easily made
* The font size and color for location displays can now be specified.
* New location display types allow easy annotation based on piece name, or location name
* Various bugs fixed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coming Soon...

The next version of EveryGame (1.30) has been submitted to Apple, and should hopefully be released soon. We've got some exciting inclusions in the release. The two that I'm most excited about are our two new included games. Unlike many of the classic abstracts we currently include, the two new games have more of a Eurogame styling, and fantastic artwork to boot!

In Ninjas vs. Pirates, two asymmetric sides battle each other in a race to capture sacks of kittens, in a mashup of memes guaranteed to bring the Internet to its knees.

The less-silly Cities of Calvino has two merchant traders competing to establish markets and sell goods in a world of impossible cities.

Of course, there are many new engine features to incorporate into your own games. Makes something great and want to share? Send it our way! Your own title could make it into a future EveryGame release!