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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where is EveryGame?

We've been asked recently why people couldn't find EveryGame in the App Store. Unfortunately, EveryGame currently isn't available. For whatever reason, during our last version update, Apple became concerned that we were uploading code, which isn't allowed.

I don't think that we're actually violating their rules -- .xml files may not be the easiest things to read, but they certainly aren't executable code.

We'd been discussing options to resolve their concerns, and making some progress, and during that process, the previous version remained available. However, for whatever reason, they also decided to remove it.

We're still working on a solution that will get new versions of EveryGame out into the store, so I'm hopeful that we can get something approved by them within the next couple of weeks.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where to Look for EveryGame News

Hello Blog Readers!

From this blog, it might seem like there's not very much going on with EveryGame, but that's not the case at all. We just prefer more interactive methods of communication with our users, so recently, we've typically been using other forums for postings instead. We'll certainly keep reading entries, and posting occasionally, but if you're looking for a more active EveryGame discussion, here are a couple of places you should look at:

The giant EveryGame thread at BoardGameGeek.com

The EveryGame Google Group:


Monday, February 14, 2011

EveryGame 1.4 is out

It was a long time coming, but that's because we jammed so much in! Head over to the App Store and update EveryGame. There's all sorts of great new features!

Here are the update notes:

New Games: Castle Capers, Mu Torere, Scoreboard, 7 Inch Dash

EveryGame 1.4 brings iOS 4.0 compatibility, play-by-email, easier game creation, on-device game management, audio feedback, and a variety of new features to the game engine.

On iOS 4.0 devices, EveryGame now supports multitasking for fast app switching. When new games are loaded in via iTunes they are now instantly viewable, instead of having to return to the iPad's home screen. The resolution of icons has been improved.

iPhones can now display debugging information inside of games, and game creation documentation from the main screen.

When selecting a game from the menu screen, you now have the chance to select various options on each game. The choice include "Resume Current Game" (the existing behavior), "Start New Game", "Delete Game", and "Email Game", which will generate a .ege game module and create an email with it attached. This can be emailed to any other EveryGame user, who install the game directly from the email on their iPad.

Play by email is now possible -- you can easily email your current saved game from the History menu, and when your opponent opens the file in their email, EveryGame will automatically load the saved game.

Audio feedback is now provided when you tap or move pieces.

New games can now be created simply by adding images to the iPad -- EveryGame will make a .xml file for you! By naming your images correctly, you can even create dice or many duplicated pieces. Read the "Easy Game Maker" instructions in the "Create a Game" menu to learn more.

A new value for the tag has been added: "free". Free locations can hold many pieces, but unlike existing location types, pieces are not snapped to the center. Instead, pieces can be dropped anywhere inside the free location, and will stay where placed.

There are two new options in the tag. You may use offset_x="4" or offset_y="15" to shift the display text. For example:

You may now set a piece's score value via tap actions. This is useful in the creation of scoreboards. Similar to setting the side index, there are increment, decrement and set options.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Ready for Version 1.4

We haven't posted here for a bit, but that doesn't mean we have been working! We're getting close to having version 1.4 of EveryGame ready. Here are a couple of the new games it'll include:

And here are some of the features coming up in the next release:
* "Free" locations, where you can drag and drops pieces anywhere in the location (or on the screen)
* New actions to modify the points value of a piece, making the creation of scoreboards much easier
* Lots of fixes related to tabs

After that, the two biggest features coming up soon are:
* Game emailing / Play by email
* Easy game creation, with auto-xml file creation based on images loaded on (though obviously no advanced ui features could be done this way)

Friday, September 10, 2010

EveryGame version 1.30 is out!

Go check it out in the App store. Here are the update notes:

What's New in Version 1.30

Two new Eurogame inspired titles!
* Cities of Calvino
* Pirates vs. Ninjas

New Features in the UI:
* EveryGame can now open .zip and .ege files directly from Mail or Safari on the iPad -- no more need to sync in iTunes
* Tabs for off-screen boards can now be named and positioned in the game.xml file

New Features in the Engine
* New "random_side_at_location" action, allowing games with dice-locking to be easily made
* The font size and color for location displays can now be specified.
* New location display types allow easy annotation based on piece name, or location name
* Various bugs fixed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coming Soon...

The next version of EveryGame (1.30) has been submitted to Apple, and should hopefully be released soon. We've got some exciting inclusions in the release. The two that I'm most excited about are our two new included games. Unlike many of the classic abstracts we currently include, the two new games have more of a Eurogame styling, and fantastic artwork to boot!

In Ninjas vs. Pirates, two asymmetric sides battle each other in a race to capture sacks of kittens, in a mashup of memes guaranteed to bring the Internet to its knees.

The less-silly Cities of Calvino has two merchant traders competing to establish markets and sell goods in a world of impossible cities.

Of course, there are many new engine features to incorporate into your own games. Makes something great and want to share? Send it our way! Your own title could make it into a future EveryGame release!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sample Game with "Free" Piece Movement

We've just posted a new game called AmoebaWar.ege to the EveryGame Google group.


To open the .ege files, remember that you can download them, rename them to .zip, and then double click to open them.

AmoebaWar isn't a complete game -- more a work in progress / technology demonstration. It should give you some good ideas for implementing a miniature or wargame. In particular, it has examples of:
* Simulating free movement with a grid of small squares
* Selected different terrains by picking them from a tab-based menu
* Tapping pieces to show their movement / attack range

AmoebaWar also makes use of several features that will only become available once EveryGame version 1.3 is out. You won't be able to see them until it's available, but a peak in the xml file will give a preview. You'll get more control over tab placement and naming, the ability to annotate pieces with their names, and a whole lot more!