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Monday, February 14, 2011

EveryGame 1.4 is out

It was a long time coming, but that's because we jammed so much in! Head over to the App Store and update EveryGame. There's all sorts of great new features!

Here are the update notes:

New Games: Castle Capers, Mu Torere, Scoreboard, 7 Inch Dash

EveryGame 1.4 brings iOS 4.0 compatibility, play-by-email, easier game creation, on-device game management, audio feedback, and a variety of new features to the game engine.

On iOS 4.0 devices, EveryGame now supports multitasking for fast app switching. When new games are loaded in via iTunes they are now instantly viewable, instead of having to return to the iPad's home screen. The resolution of icons has been improved.

iPhones can now display debugging information inside of games, and game creation documentation from the main screen.

When selecting a game from the menu screen, you now have the chance to select various options on each game. The choice include "Resume Current Game" (the existing behavior), "Start New Game", "Delete Game", and "Email Game", which will generate a .ege game module and create an email with it attached. This can be emailed to any other EveryGame user, who install the game directly from the email on their iPad.

Play by email is now possible -- you can easily email your current saved game from the History menu, and when your opponent opens the file in their email, EveryGame will automatically load the saved game.

Audio feedback is now provided when you tap or move pieces.

New games can now be created simply by adding images to the iPad -- EveryGame will make a .xml file for you! By naming your images correctly, you can even create dice or many duplicated pieces. Read the "Easy Game Maker" instructions in the "Create a Game" menu to learn more.

A new value for the tag has been added: "free". Free locations can hold many pieces, but unlike existing location types, pieces are not snapped to the center. Instead, pieces can be dropped anywhere inside the free location, and will stay where placed.

There are two new options in the tag. You may use offset_x="4" or offset_y="15" to shift the display text. For example:

You may now set a piece's score value via tap actions. This is useful in the creation of scoreboards. Similar to setting the side index, there are increment, decrement and set options.


  1. Hey there! Just wanted to say I love the app. So far I've just been playing with the included games and it's almost worth it for them alone, as I wrote in an App Store review.

    I have a rules question for Cities of Calvino. (Both it and Pirates Vs Ninjas don't have completely clear rules, and it took me several readings before I felt I understood them.) If you want to buy a good, does the boat have to be in a city with one of your markets? I don't think the rules say it does, but I had to make sure. (If not, then of course you would either pay a coin to the bank or to your rival, since there's no chance your zero markets would be more than theirs.) Other than that, I think I understand the game.

    Oh, and there's a bug which I was going to mention in my review, but the App Store review process itself has a bug which forced me to hit "send" too soon. The EveryGame bug is this: If what's currently active is the Rules of a game, and I switch to another app on the iPad, there's a good chance that when I return to EveryGame, the Back button at the top will no longer be there, or (less often) the whole app will crash and quit. I dunno if you can do anything about this, but if you can, that would be great.

    Again, thank you so much for making this, and I look forward to actually building games of my own with it!

  2. Hi there!

    Thanks for the comments.  We're aware of that bug actually -- we'd thought we'd squashed it in the last release, but it does still occasionally pop up.  It's a side affect of adding multitasking -- when the game quit when you returned the home screen, we didn't need to worry about coming directly back to the rules, so there are a couple of places where assumptions were made that case trouble.  We'll get it fixed though.

    And to answer your rules question, you are correct that you do not need to have a market booth in a city to buy a goods marker there.  If neither player has a market booth you pay the bank, and if only your opponent has a market booth, you pay them.


  3. Huh, I didn't get an alert from Blogger about Eggy's reply a year ago, but I did get one about the spam above. Anyway, belated thanks to Eggy!

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