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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Version 1.1.0 is Approved

Go download it from the app store. It's got some new features we're really excited about, like panning and zooming for large boards!

New Games:
* My Apologies (Our first user submitted creation. Thanks to Mike Houser! http://www.casdra.com/blog/)
* Tic Tac Toe

Game updates:
* Chess and Hnefatafl now support capturing by dragging one piece atop another.

New features in the UI:
* Pan and Zoom

New features in the Engine:
* Non-dragable pieces
* Pieces may perform many actions when tapped
* Pieces may apply actions to other pieces
* Pieces may automatically capture / trade places when dragged onto one another

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a potential crash when locations referenced in xml file did not exist
* Fixed a crash that occurred when the enter key was pressed while saving


  1. Thanks for this great app, I know it's still under development but from what I have seen while trying to adapt small wargames to the Ipad version, it has a huge potential !!

    Are you considering to give more "flexibility" to the locations ? (like a free positioning on the board when we move a piece, as there are a lots of stacking in wargames it would help to allow the player to manage the stack manually)

  2. quick suggestion - have you thought about adding the ability for connecting/syncing two ipads? I suggest this as it would be nice to be able to play games that have some notion of a "hand", wherein there's a "public" section of the board, where you place pieces/cards/whatever out of your hand that is kept in the "private" section of your board. The "public" section is of course synchronised between ipads/devices, and while the private part is synchronised from the point of view of maintaining what cards or whatever are available for draw, you won't be able to see your opponents hand.

    Anyway, loving the work you guys are doing - keep it up!

  3. Hi Laurent and daimoh,

    Great suggestions.

    In terms of connecting multiple iPads / iPhones together, this is something that we've started working on. Currently, the support for hands is a bit limited, but our next release should greatly improve your control over tab names / positions. We've also been adding a few other features to help lay the groundwork for supporting hands over bluetooth. You're right that this could cause some synchronization troubles, so it's something that will take some real work to add. Still, we're working towards it and very excited by the possibilities!

    Free positioning is another feature that has the potential to be implemented in the future. The Engine has been designed to allow for it, but because currently, a piece's position in a location doesn't matter, we would have to add a lot of code to support it.

    However, you could build a large grid of locations, where each one was a stack. Not quite free positioning, since it'd still be snapped to a square, but if the squares were small enough, it might be good enough, and would still allow stacked pieces, etc. There are also some new features to help with stack management in version 1.20, that might make it easier.

    I'd really like to see an example wargame implemented in EveryGame, so if you're working on something, or want some help, please email us at eggy.everygame@gmail.com.