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Thursday, July 29, 2010

EveryGame version 1.20 is out!

The major focus of this release was providing better feedback and instructions when making new games. If you've had any trouble doing it before, give it another try now.

New Games:
* Freez! (Another user submission. Thanks to Henry Lahore! http://www.tinyurl.com/Freezipad)
* Backgammon

New Features in the UI:
* An expanded "Create A Game" menu with links to online forums / resources.
* A "Edit Game" menu available inside the game, which reports on errors and allows you edit xml files directly on the iPad.
* Missing images are displayed with a question mark placeholder image.

New Features in the Engine:
* Stacks of identical pieces may now be created using a "count" argument in the piece tag.
* Grids of identical locations mays also be created using the new "rows" and "cols" attributes of location tags.
* A new "send_to_back" action, allowing pieces in a stack to be cycled though.
* A new "move_piece_at_location" action, giving extra options to move pieces when tapped.


  1. I was debating if I should wait to buy an iPad but this app is enticing me. I am interested in using it for some of my other games like Frisky Foreplay.

    Do you have the option for animated dice possibly with a configuration for custom faces? There are number of other games I would love to do on this app. Any options for selling games as add ons to your app?

  2. Hi Michael,

    Dice with different faces are definitely possible. In fact, the notion of a "piece" is basic to EveryGame, and each piece can have any number of sides, each represented by a custom image. It's very simple to then have the piece's side randomized when tapped. Check out the Backgammon game for an example.

    Right now, there's no provision for in-app purchases in EveryGame (everything new we add is free, and Apple doesn't provide a way to reimburse third parties anyway), but you users can easily add their own games to the iPad, so the game xml and images files could potentially be sold as an addon via other means.