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Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting Images for EveryGame

Based on a comment on the last entry, I thought I'd post a couple of tricks for getting images for EveryGame.

One great resource for images are Vassal files. If you've never heard of it, Vassal is a program similar to EveryGame, that runs on desktop computers. It's been going much longer though, and there's quite a library of games built up for it. Many can be found here:

You can download any of the .vmod files from that site, rename it to .zip, and then expand it. Inside, you'll find all the images you need to to create your own version in EveryGame.

Another easy way to get game images is just to take a top-down picture with your digital camera. The results have been surprisingly good just by taking pictures of the pieces, and cropping them to create the images for EveryGame. A scanner works too obviously, though it's hard to get the whole board in there!

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